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Thread: More rentals for the middle class.

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    Default More rentals for the middle class.

    Because that's what the government wants not a home for your own family and the future investment for the family.

    How many rental funds now from our government's? Yeah most of it like I said it's what they want it's already in plans and writing.

    It's what we will get . Welcome to the new normal of rentals and say goodbye to actual ownership. Things don't happen over night so we need to think and look further down the rd to what will happen?. More and more renters and less and less home ownership over the next several years isn't a good thing.
    It's what they want though.

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    Apparently the food banks thinks the middle is gone already. They said there in no more middle class as the food banks can't cope with the amount of people needing food.

    We were saved from a recession from new houses hold spending from our immigration policy lol.

    I guess immigration really will save our economy from government spending. Never mind the ones already living here they must not matter. As our government claimed the immigration will be our economic strength.

    In the usa a tictok was made for more immigrants to come to America for free housing free money and if you have kids that's even more money.

    As always ignoring things always shows the best results. Canadians suffer as the economy will depend on immigration but the best is yet to come.

    How's the crime rates going ? Only up as they feel they are protected in every way. Even if they beat up a new york cop they just flip the bird and go elsewhere. Talk about insanity lol.

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