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Thread: Good morning bunnies

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    Default Good morning bunnies

    Indiana Bones has really started to point. I have never caught him on camera with a bird, but he gets solid points on the local rabbits

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    I have a few bunny hot spots around my yard - the brush pile always holds them and they tend to hang around the pigeon loft and my garage. My ECS doesn't pay them much attention unless he flushes one but my munster actively seeks them out, tonguing while trailing them and/or pointing them if they're in cover. She's obsessive about it. Super annoying when you just want her to go pee and come back in but it is kinda neat watching her "give laut" as she runs around the yard following scent.
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    Indy now has a couple hot spots in the neighbourhood where he goes charging in knowing it usually holds a bunny or 2. He actually seems upset when they arent there

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