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Thread: What's your plan for 2024 Spring Turkey?

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    I went to scout my usual spot for turkey.
    it was an old/small abounded logged path

    Somehow over the winter it has turned into some kind of highway for atv or sleds it seems, too many tracks ! no Gubbles, but I got there afternoon ...

    so instead of setting up at a spot, I think I will try walking instead tomorrow.

    never seen another sign of another hunter there past few years, but with all the tracks, I might be in for a surprise tomorrow morning.

    How does Walk and gun work for turkey ? walk slow, call once in a while, stop often and take short breaks and make a couple calls, then move again another half mile ? Ive always picked a spot I could hear them Gubble, and just sit and wait.
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    I use the same broadhead that i use for deer and aim broadside where the wing attaches to the body.
    I’ve only done it once so far, but it dropped the bird in its place.

    good luck everyone, and stay safe. Weather looks like a beautiful opener.
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    @Ata83 - the "run and gun" approach is my favorite, just go slow, stop, listen, watch for 5 mins after you stop. Call softly at first, projecting a few different directions. Listen, wait, call again a bit louder. Sometimes you get an immediate response, sometimes you get busted by a cautious bird that comes in quietly, you never know. Its a good opportunity to shed hunt, figure out a new bush, etc. For me it seems to work best mid morning on, after the initial fly-down and breeding takes place, once the toms start to move for the day......if they start to move. Later in the season it can be very effective. Good camo & little movement. Good luck!

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