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Thread: Firearms and Violent Crime in Canada.

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    Default Firearms and Violent Crime in Canada.

    Pretty interesting reading especially the first few pages, definitely a study that supports what we know about legal firearms owners not being the problem.

    "Few accused in firearm-related homicides had a valid firearm license."

    The firearms used in homicides21 were rarely legal firearms used by their legal owners who were in good standing. In aroundhalf of the firearm-related homicides in 2022 for which this information was known (113 homicides), the firearm was legal inorigin—that is, it had initially been obtained legally in half of cases (58 of 113 homicides). Rifles or shotguns were slightlymore likely to be of legal origin (58%, or 22 of 38 homicides) than handguns (49%, or 36 of 74 homicides). Among incidentsin which the firearm had initially been obtained legally, the accused was the legal firearm owner in 44% of cases (24 of 54homicides).Among the incidents in which the firearm had not initially been obtained legally, or in which the firearm was not legally ownedat the time of the homicide, and for which this information was known (49 homicides), the firearm had been stolen from thelegal Canadian owner in eight cases, and in five other cases, it had been purchased illegally from the legal Canadian owner.In most cases (36 homicides), the firearm was illegal; that is, it had never been legally owned in Canada. Of these 36 illegalfirearms, 20 were sent for tracing: 6 of these were American in origin, while the origin of the 14 others was not known. Intotal, 79 firearms were sent for tracing, including those that turned out to be legal. Of these 79 firearms, 16 were of Canadianorigin, 14 of American origin, 1 of foreign origin, and 48 of unknown origin.In most firearm-related homicides, the accused did not have a valid firearm licence for the class of firearm used. Among thehomicides for which the information was available, the accused had a licence in 13% (16 of 119 homicides) of homicidesinvolving a handgun22 and in 12% (7 of 59) of homicides involving a rifle or shotgun.23A history of violence is more common in firearm-related homicides, except in spousal or family homicides.

    Page 28 conclusions a bit dubious IMHO.

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    You can just add that to the list of liberal scandals lol. 15 minutes of them in alphabetical order.

    So what does that tell us if it wasn't the law abiding citizens who were the problem and the problem continues I guess it makes sure more new policies are brought in.

    If you don't go after the problem you need to bring in more regulation later. See how that works. ? Target the small fruit when that doesn't work just bring in more lol. Still not even sure why they pick on the AR 15 when pets kill more in Canada.

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    Society needs to stop bending to the will of the delusional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trimmer21 View Post
    And it's only on the rise.

    Ontario was 26% higher in violent gun crimes. As the living standards fall crime goes up its nature. That's to be expected in desperate times people do desperate things.

    Several bc and Vancouver brazen day time shootings recently.

    Soon they will be crying for tougher gun laws again.

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