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Thread: Very Early Marlin .22 Rifle

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    I have a subject firearm presented to me by my grandfather in 1951. It was old then, it is older now (sic.), and I'd love to know when it was manufactured, along with any addition information that might be available regarding the gun.
    It has an octagonal barrel with markings on the top as follows: Marlin Fire Arms Co. New Haven CT U. S. A. PAT'D JAN 18, 1887, APRIL 2, 1889, AUG 12, 1890, MAR 1, 1892. There is a rather crude SR# 285601 stamped on the strap top near the receiver.
    I suspect form what I have been able to decern thus far, that the year of manufacture is 1928, but cannot confirm that data. Anyone know for sure?

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    Best guess is that it's a Marlin Model 1891 (The same model used by Annie Oakley) which was later updated to the Model 39.
    I just did a couple of quick lookups; if that is indeed the original Marlin serial number, your rifle was made in 1902 or 1903. If it's a takedown rifle it COULD be a model of 1897, however I believe by that time Marlin was marking all their rifle models on the tang.
    You don't mention, but if it's a side-loading model it is definitely an early 1891; if it's a front-loading tube it's a bit later.

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