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Thread: Shore Lunch

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    I find a mix of 50% lard and 50% peanut or canola oil works well for me
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    Just fyi from wiki. What surprised me the most was the clarified butter. Cheers

    Fat Quality Smoke Point
    Almond oil 216C[citation needed] 420F
    Avocado oil Un-Refined, Virgin 190-204C[citation needed] 375-400F
    Avocado oil Refined 271C[citation needed] 520F
    Butter 121–149C[citation needed] 250–300F
    Canola oil(Rapeseed) Expeller Press 190-232C 375-450F[5]
    Canola oil High Oleic 246C[citation needed] 475F
    Canola oil Refined 204C[1] 400F
    Castor oil Refined 200C[6] 392F
    Coconut oil Virgin (Unrefined) 177C 350F[7]
    Coconut oil Refined with stabilizers 232C[citation needed] 450F
    Corn oil Unrefined 178C[6] 352F
    Corn oil Refined 232C[1] 450F
    Cottonseed oil 216C[1] 420F
    Flax seed oil Unrefined 107C[citation needed] 225F
    Ghee (Indian Clarified Butter) 252C[citation needed] 485F
    Grapeseed oil 216C[citation needed] 420F
    Hazelnut oil 221C[citation needed] 430F
    Hemp oil 165C[citation needed] 330F
    Lard 192C[citation needed] 390F
    Macadamia oil 210C[citation needed] 413F
    Mustard oil 254C[citation needed] 489F
    Olive oil Extra virgin 191C[citation needed] 375F
    Olive oil Virgin 199C[6] 391F
    Olive oil Pomace 238C[1] 460F
    Olive oil Extra light 242C[1] 468F
    Olive oil, high quality (low acidity) Extra virgin 207C[citation needed] 405F
    Palm oil Difractionated 235C[8] 455F
    Peanut oil Unrefined 160C[citation needed] 320F
    Peanut oil Refined 232C[1] 450F
    Rice bran oil 254C[citation needed] 490F
    Safflower oil Unrefined 107C[citation needed] 225F
    Safflower oil Semirefined 160C[citation needed] 320F
    Safflower oil Refined 266C[1] 510F
    Sesame oil Unrefined 177C[citation needed] 350F
    Sesame oil Semirefined 232C[citation needed] 450F
    Soybean oil Unrefined 160C[citation needed] 320F
    Soybean oil Semirefined 177C[citation needed] 350F
    Soybean oil Refined 238C[1] 460F
    Sunflower oil Unrefined 107C[citation needed] 225F
    Sunflower oil Semirefined 232C[citation needed] 450F
    Sunflower oil Refined 227C[1] 440F
    Sunflower oil, high oleic Unrefined 160C[citation needed] 320F
    Tallow (Beef) 215C[citation needed] 420F
    Tea seed oil 252C[citation needed] 485F
    Vegetable shortening 182C[citation needed] 360F
    Walnut oil Unrefined 160C[citation needed] 320F
    Walnut oil Semirefined 204C[citation needed] 400F

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    Am i the only one that uses vegetable oil? Hmm works great for me. Never liked using olive oil.

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