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Thread: Anyone travel with a projector?

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    In the past, when I did training sessions, the customer I was visiting was expected to provide a projector and a suitable surface, be that a screen of a blank wall. Now we are looking at changing things up a bit, and my boss expects me to carry a projector with me!
    So anyone on here travel with a projector? If so, what features, how bright, and how durable? I see many projectors where the price of a replacement bulb is close to the original price of the projector, and they don't like being bounced around. LEDs are said to last longer, smaller, and lighter but not as bright.
    Training is provided for groups as small as 3 or 4 up to 35 to 40. Training location could be in a lunch or break room, a board room, a proper training center, or what we are looking at, a hotel conference room. Make them come to me instead of me having to travel to all their individual locations! So the room can be fairly bright, and I may require a fair distance to project.
    So what is tough, bright and clear, and most important, light and compact for carry on?
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    Our office has 2 projectors, an older Mitsubishi and a newer Epson. Both to date have performed flawlessly for small (2-10 people) to larger (100-200) type presentation. Since I have a lot of high resolution images in my PPT, I try and control the lighting in the room as much as possible (curtains, lights, shades etc..). The Epson is an EX71 and the Mitsubishi is a XD205U, not sure what the throw distance is but I hav'nt had any issue filling the wall/screen from a 'normal' distance. There were smaller units for sale at the time however we needed something with higher lumens, these units are around 2500 lumens I think. The Mitsu was purchased in 2006 and still the original bulb!

    Hope this helps

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