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Thread: [Video] Leaky Boat: Quick fixes to keep you afloat

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    Leaky Boat: Quick fixes to keep you afloat


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    As Justin said, the boat needs to be dry. Not practical when you spring a leak late in the day and you need to get home before dark. How long does that stuff need to cure? I can't imagine dragging a 16 or 18 foot boat onto shore to do this job.

    How about some emergency repairs to get you fixed up to finish the day or at least get back to safety before commencing more permanent repairs?

    I'm thinking aluminum foil style duct tape that can take a little water without falling off. I have also heard of using spruce gum to seal or slow up leaks until you get to shore.

    You could also carry a few bolts, nuts, washers and rubber washers and a drill bit with vise grips. Drill out the leak using the vice grips to hold the appropriate sized bit and insert the bolt and washer combination to seal the leak. Even a self tapping roofing screw with a built in rubber washer would do the trick using a nut driver. It would take a little more elbow grease, but could be done in the water without getting out of the boat.

    Maybe a little bit of foam caulking strip stuffed into a crack with a stick or screwdriver?

    A little ingenuity goes a long way sometimes...
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    Tech steel epoxy, sets under water, oil and gas safe, can drill tap whatever, sticks to almost anything, never leave on a trip with out some. I've used it on boats, carbs, oilpans, engineblocks exhaust etc. works every time.
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