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Thread: Best recipe for catfish?

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    Skining catfish has a technique all it own. Youtube it, I nail head to a tree, run the fillet knife from front fin, across top of head to other front fin. peel up an edge on each side of head, then two 8" lineman pliers and pull down equally on both sides. After fillet out back straps. Boneless goodness in pan.
    My two year quest is to catch a Ling in the winter.
    that's the way I do it just with a razer blade and a visegrip ..I cook them in fishcrisp and the thing with catfish is I just cook them a little bit longer then I would a perch or eye fillet ,,very good eating .we get are cats down at the clay banks in burwell ,,10lbs to 18lbs is the biggest I have got ,,all eat great ,,Dutch

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