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Thread: Ontario Public Hunting Area Locations

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    Exclamation Ontario Public Hunting Area Locations

    UPDATE: Nearing 25,000 views I decided to update the links. Also I added a couple mapping options and Ontairo and Migratory hunting regulations.

    I figured it was time there was a list created that had all of the public areas someone could hunt in Ontario. With all of the new hunters in the province every year its hard for them to get a good start at it without knowing anyone or without somewhere to go. I figure why not give someone a reasonable starting point to a life long obsession such as hunting, and let them know that they do have areas they can go.

    If anyone would like to contribute more public locations or extras, please reply and I'll edit the list. Maybe it would be a good idea for a sticky too.

    ****Research the areas before heading out! Some areas have game, season, time, location, ect, restrictions or fees and may also require you to have an OFAH Membership.****

    Ontario Crown Land Atlas:

    Ontario Wildlife Management Areas:
    Can be viewed in the map section from the Ontario Hunting Regulations

    1. Stag Island (WMU 93)
    2. Rondeau (Provincial Park) (WMU 93)
    3. Fingal (WMU 92)
    4. Aylmer (WMU 92)
    5. Calton Swamp (WMU 92)
    6. Long Point (WMU 90)
    7. Hullett (WMU 85)
    8. Luther Marsh (WMU 80)
    9. Orangeville (WMU 81)
    10. Rankin (WMU 83)
    11. Beverly Swamp (WMU 87)
    12. Binbrook (WMU 87)
    13. Mud Lake (WMU 89)
    14. Willoughby Swamp (WMU 89)
    15. Pine River Provincial Fishing Area (WMU 81)
    16. Tiny Marsh (WMU 76)
    17. Matchedash Bay (WMU 76)
    18. Copeland Forest Resources Management Area (WMU 76E)
    19. Holland Marsh (WMU 77)
    20. Nonquon (WMU 73)
    21. Scugog Island (WMU 73)
    22. Darlington (Provincial Park) (WMU 72)
    23. Presqu’ile (Provincial Park) (WMU 71)
    24. Brighton (WMU 71)
    25. Mountain (WMU 65)
    26. Lake St. Lawrence (WMU 65)
    27. Gananoque (WMU 67)
    28. Camden Lake (WMU 68)
    29. Pt. Petre (WMU 70)
    30. Wye Marsh National Wildlife Area (WMU 76)
    31. Howard Ferguson Nursery (WMU 66B)
    32. Hilliardton Marsh (WMU 28)

    Conservation Authorities that allow hunting:

    Map View (Suggestion from Species8472)

    Essex Regional Conservation Authority

    Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

    Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

    Long Point Regional Conservation Authority

    Maitland Valley Conservation Authority

    Grand River Conservation Authority

    Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

    Grey Sauble Conservation Authority

    Nottawasaga Conservation Authority

    Onotabee Conservation Authority

    Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority

    St. Clair Region Conservation Authority

    Lakehead Region Conservation Authority

    Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority

    Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

    South Nation Conservation Authority

    Raisin Region Conservation Authority

    Lower Trent Conservation Authority

    Crowe Valley Conservation Authority

    County Forests:

    Simcoe County Forests

    Grey County Forests (Suggestion from Tweedwolfscream)

    Duck Hunting Areas:

    Long Point


    Ducks Unlimited Blinds

    Other Hunting Areas:

    Hullet Marsh (Suggestion from Slider)

    Pelee Island

    Ontario Provincial Parks that allow hunting: or call 1-800-667-1940 (OMNR General Info Line)

    Albany River
    Alexander Lake Forest
    Algoma Headwaters
    Algonquin Park (Clyde, Bruton and Eyre Twps.)
    Amable du Fond River
    Aubinadong-Nushatogaini Rivers
    Aubinadong River
    Aubrey Falls
    Barron River
    Batchawana River
    Big East River
    Biscotasi Lake
    Bissett Creek
    Black Creek
    Black Sturgeon River
    Blind River
    Blue Lake
    Bon Echo
    Bonnechere River
    Brightsand River
    Chapleau-Nemegosenda River
    Charleston Lake (Blue Mountain area only)
    Chiniguchi Waterway
    Dana-Jowsey Lakes
    Eagle Dogtooth
    East English River
    Egan Chutes
    Englehart River Fine Sand Plain and Waterway
    Esker Lakes
    Fawn River
    French River
    Fushimi Lake
    Goulais River
    Grant’s Creek
    Groundhog River Waterway
    Grundy Lake
    Gull River
    Halfway Lake
    Jocko Rivers
    Kawartha Highlands Signature Site
    Killarney Lakelands and Headwaters
    Kopka River
    La Cloche
    Lake of the Woods
    Lake St. Peter
    Lake Superior
    LaMotte Lake
    Larder River Waterway
    Little Abitibi
    Little Current River
    Little White River
    Long Point
    Lower Madawaska River
    Magnetawan River
    Makobe-Grays River
    Mattawa River
    McRae Point
    Mississagi River
    Nakina Moraine
    Noganosh Lake
    North Channel Inshore
    Obabika River
    Ogoki River
    Opeongo River
    Otoskwin-Attawapiskat River
    Ottawa River
    Oxtongue River-Ragged Falls
    Pancake Bay
    Pigeon River
    Pipestone RiverPoint Farms
    Polar Bear
    Pretty River Valley
    Pukaskwa River
    Puzzle Lake
    Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands
    River aux Sables
    Rock Point
    Ruby Lake
    Sandbar Lake
    Sandpoint Island
    Severn River
    Silent Lake
    Silver Falls
    South Bay
    Spanish River
    St. Raphael
    Steel River
    Sturgeon River
    Temagami River
    The Massasauga
    The Shoals
    Turtle River-White Otter Lake
    Upper Madawaska River
    W.J.B. Greenwood
    Wenebegon River
    West English River
    West Montreal River
    White Lake
    Widdifield Forest
    Winisk River
    Woman River Forest


    OMNR Topo Map and Aerial Photography &locale=en-US

    Google Earth

    Ontario 2015 Hunting Regulations

    Ontario 2015 Migratory Birds Regulations
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    Looks like some peoples favorite spots just got a little more crowded...

    Your heart is in the right place... But you may be way off base if you think guys who also hunt public land, are about to send you the details and have even more people pushin the bush.

    Nothing wrong with using Google earth, get some maps, map books, GPS, and go for drives and find it. Makes finally getting out and being successful that much sweeter

    Just my 0.05
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    why not .. they are public lands.. my guess maybe 100 people of this site visit one of these public spots ..
    will do anything twice :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurkeyRookie View Post
    Looks like some peoples favorite spots just got a little more crowded...

    Your heart is in the right place... But you may be way off base if you think guys who also hunt public land, are about to send you the details and have even more people pushin the bush.

    Nothing wrong with using Google earth, get some maps, map books, GPS, and go for drives and find it. Makes finally getting out and being successful that much sweeter

    Just my 0.05
    No I completely understand your point of view and I also get that some people aren't going to like the idea whatsoever. I just figured that its all publicly available and fairly well known information to people who have hunted for years, so might as well help someone out who is struggling getting his first deer or rabbit. Or even someone who just lost access to his property or even just moved, ect. I know when I was 16 and just got my hunting licence and bow I would have loved to have this laid out for me. It took me years to realize that I could actually hunt somewhere locally because everyone is always so hush hush about it. The years of wasted weekends I spent inside because I didn't know I could have gotten a ride from my parents to places like this back in the day bothers me.
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    I think your wrong on Silent Lake Prov. Park. As far as I know there is no hunting.

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    This list is inaccurate if you blindly follow the list you may face charges.

    The OP has listed Conservation Authorities that permit hunting and has included a map of all conservation area within their ownership. The problem is that while hunting may be permitted on some, hunting is definitely not permitted on all sites. A recent Ontario Out of Doors magazine article dealt with the CA's that permit hunting and as stated there check with the CA for a list of sites on which hunting is permitted. Keep in mind that off road vehicles are also not permitted on all CA lands, so check with that as well when you call. You cannot just show up at some of these sites and hunt; you may have to purchase a special permit to hunt ie GRCA Conestoga Lake CA. Also keep in mind that some of these CA sites actually close from late fall to spring, and if closed you may not access and if caught doing so you may face charges.

    Likewise with the Provincial Parks, it is best to check with the proper authorities prior to going blindly, you may very well be facing the same issues as with the CA's.

    I would advise anyone to verify before going to any of these sites, while the OP has good intentions standing up in court and saying "But x_xeon_x told me I could" would not go over very well with the judge.

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    As a new hunter, I thank the OP for aggregating this public information. All of it is freely accessible on the web (much I had independently found) and does give aspiring hunters a chance to get started.
    A request to anyone hunting public lands; please use the property with respect and obey laws and regulations. Abuse of public lands is the first step to losing hunting access in those areas. No littering and if hikers, etc. are there respect their right to be there too. Note they likely will not be wearing orange.

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    Here is a map (published in OODMAG 2013 hunting annual) showing CA's in Southern Ontario that allow hunting. Map includes some details and links for each CA.
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    Honestly finding land is getting more and more difficult so thank you for the list, it's a good starting off point.
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    Link to Hullett PWA

    Very large property to explore......diverse habitats to hunt!

    Do your research and enjoy.

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