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    Talking Beretta rifled choke

    Quick question got a beretta 391a can I use a rifled choke to shoot rifled slugs anybody knows?

    right now I shoot 000 from it , from mod or ic choke.


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    The biggest problem most guys will say is that the beretta a391 I believe is a back bored barrel designed to produce a better shot string with steel and lead. Most manufacturers say do not shoot slugs out of them. Rifled slugs can be shot out of a normal cylinder or improved cylinder choke. The rifled choke I believe is for people wanting to shoot sabots without a rifled barrel. Obviously not as accurate.

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    If it is back bored, most manufacturers do not recommend shooting slugs through an over bored barrel as they do not fit tightly in the the barrel and accuracy will suffer. Some on here will tell you differently so check with beretta first. One problem with a rifled tube and plastic sabots is when the sabot reaches the tube it is travelling close to 2000fps and the rifling has little effect as the plastic is too soft to grab, you may want to find a slug designed specifically for rifled tubes (they usually have lead all the way out to the barrel so it grabs the rifled tube more effectively). Just do your research before choosing what to do, good luck.
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