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Thread: Some decent laker action

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    Default Awesome laker action

    Been a long wait for another trip to cold lake but it sure paid off, spent 3.5 days fishing and had a fairly productive trip. Everyday was warm above zero except sunday which bombed below -20 so a good day to be leaving. First day started slow, missing 2 on tube jig, switched to swammers and landed 3 in a row, then back to the tubes to land another 2 to end the day. Day 2 was slow, moved a lot, and only managed 2 for the day and skunked for pike. Day 3 was a good day started with a back to back 26 inchers in the first 10 mins. Camped there for the day managed another 5 with two more sets back to back. Fished in 37-60 fow, one hole in 47 ft produced 5 of the 7 and the last 2 were, 29.5 and 32 with the others all between 25-27. All but 2 came in on tubes others were swammers. Sunday was slow, fish would only chase 5-20 feet and only a couple committing, guess I lost my touch because I lost the 3 that did manage to bite, but all in all a great trip and looking forward to my next trip.

    day 1


    day 3

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    Some great looking fish! Swammers are gaining huge popularity in the lake trout world.

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    Now that's a nice fishing trip. WTG. How did you like the 4x for that style of fishing? How effective was the amplitude bar for real time action compared to a flasher? I have a new unit myself so any info I can get from actual users is great. Tks.


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    Great trip and great pics thanks for sharing

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    I was thoroughly dissapointed with the 4x. I have a humminbird 570 and it out performed it even with my jerry rigged transducer, until it finally crapped out on me friday. The 4x wouldnt read my bait past 60 feet, it would show fish but i cant be sure if it was showing everything. When I got into shallower water 37-60ft it woukd mostly show my bait, when sitting still and the odd blip when it was rising or falling, unlike my 570 would show a constant flow (before it died). The flasher option was the same only pick the bait up when sitting still. Made for some frustrating fishing when they are.chasing up and you have no idea where your bait is in relation to them. The first 2days fishing i spent half the time changing sesitivity, noise reduction, surface clarity, ping speed and from 83kz to 200 with minimal changes. Im looking to get a new ducer for my 570 and selling or returning the 4x asap. With the 570 i could see the barrell swivell a foot above my jig and know its a good reliable unit even tho its 5 years old now. Never used a straight up flasher so have no idea how they woukd compare, but my recommendation to anyone, avoid the 4x

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