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Thread: Journey with 10ML-II

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    Default Journey with 10ML-II

    When I first started out with the 10ML-II it was a roller coaster ride just to get decent groups. Boy what an educational or learning curve ride itís been over the years. There were times that smoke seemed to be coming off my head when my accuracy took turns for the worse. The hardest part was finding out why to make corrections to get back where I was. What I do now recognize that there is a lot more to muzzle loading than meets the eye.

    My journey has taken me through;
    1) Affect of bore heat and how to address this.
    2) Proper scope mounting.
    3) Basic assortment of sabots and bullets.
    4) Crown modifications.
    5) Value of good ramrod and accessories.
    6) Maintenance frequency of bore, BP and vents.
    7) Basic shooting technique.
    8) More in-depth look at powder burn rates.
    9) Value of bedding and third pillar.
    And probably a few more that does not readily come to mind.

    This is not to be considered showboating or bragging rights but to show what should be taken into consideration using the 10ML-II. Iíve paid my dues with the learning curve and am still learning something new all the time. Okay I could sit snug with what I have learned but what good can come of it once Iím 6ft underground. So my goal is to hopefully share what Iíve learned so that others can benefit from it instead of struggling as I have. I canít guarantee 100% accuracy of my reasoning but can convey what I believe my results are showing me.

    Periodically I will generate a few threads on the 10ML-II that I feel might be of interest for others but what would be helpful if an area of interest appears. Currently with the notification of discontinuation of 4759 I too am looking at different powders for consideration. Burn rate and physical size of powder will influence my choice for trying future candidates.
    Iím going to leave a link that Iím reviewing that Iím using as an aid for my own search.

    Have a good one.


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    What originally drew me to smokeless muzzle loading were 2-features advertised.
    It didnít require same day cleaning and some increased bullet velocity. My self imposed limit here is 200yds and with the increased velocity for my particular load my cross hairs never leave the deerís body. For my application this is an ideal setup. What I didnít know that was not ideal was how much there was involved for learning. Mind you I took that learning process further than required to achieve understanding of the working principle behind it and no regrets going this route.

    My first project was doing a full receiver bedding and the installation of a 3rd pillar. Never having done this before required a lot of planning for my approach and care in preparation for my 1st go. My research revealed that anchor holes were required to help secure the bedding. Roughing the surface for the bedding to bond to was also a recommended requirement. Figuring out how to drill, tap and add the 3rd hold down screw was another consideration that had to be taken into account for my approach. All in all it turned out good.

    Another project that I enjoyed getting into was making my own better quality vents. One thing I did learn here was that not all cobalt drills are created equal. Once I got the hang of it I now have a good supply of vents that are of higher quality for durability that last longer than what is supplied by Savage. So no more ordering or waiting for a needed vent along with a substantial savings to be applied elsewhere.

    Being a tinker at heart I also enjoyed building numerous accessories to aid me in my accuracy quest. Here I have basically exhausted projects I can think of so the full focus will now turn to future load development. Once what was thought of as a short journey is now turning into one that can go as far as you want. Who knows where one can end up?


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    Just noticed that Randy Wakeman has posted some 2014 powder loading info: good read

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    Mike Pal

    Thanks for the additional info for review.

    Interesting how a man who once predicted gloom and doom from smokeless muzzle loading when it first came out now supports it?

    Again with the 10ML-II when I first started I tried to remain with single powder loads when others were experimenting with duplex loads. 4759 was the ticket to basically work with different loads and never really looked elsewhere. Now Iím also tempted to delve into duplex a little to see what transpires because I will eventually be losing 4759.

    One of the reasons I wanted to stay away from duplexing was an added step in loading. When shooting a muzzle loader full attention and focus must always remain on what you are doing especially when loading. If you take an arrogant stance that nothing will happen to you (like I once did) you could be in for a rude awakening when it happens because I was. Being over tired and interrupted while loading was all it took to end up with a double load. No visible damage to the barrel other than some lands got badly flattened that ruined the bore requiring a replacement.

    From this lesson I developed my own loading technique with double checks should a situation occur again if interrupted. Iím definitely not proud of this incident but it conveys a valuable lesson that can be learned the simple way or the costly hard way.

    From this incident a learning experience of do it yourself barrel swapping also developed. But thatís another topic for later date if there is any interest. Down the road if I decide to try the 45 cal route all I now need is the finished barrel. The wrench and vise setup is waiting to be called upon again if needed.

    Barrel Vise Setup A.jpg


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