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Thread: Your opinion, Civil War replica for hunting

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    Default Your opinion, Civil War replica for hunting

    Looking for opinions on this, is a civil war replica (ie Pedersoli 2 band Lee Enfield) ok for hunting or should I stick with a hunting specific rifle such as a Lymans Great Plains?

    (feel free to substitute your favourite rifle for the above examples)

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry for nit-picking but that's not a "Lee Enfield" it's just plain "Enfield" ("Lee Enfield" is a bolt action cartridge rifle).

    The Pedersoli guns are very well made and the .577 calibre is surely powerful enough for deer/moose. In his book "Black Powder Loading Manual" Sam Fadala tests a Dixie Zouave rifle in .577 and with a 460 gr Minie and 90 grs of FFg he got 1154 fps with 1361 foot pounds of energy.

    However, you really don't need a .577 to kill a deer. A .50 cal or .54 cal with a patched round ball is more than adequate and you can use conical bullets if you want to.

    I have a .50 cal Lyman Trade rifle which I find is quite accurate and powerful. 90 grs of FFg behind a .490 177 gr patched round ball gives 1737 fps with 1186 foot ponds of energy. Plus you can load down the .50 cal to 40 or 50 grs of powder for small game and you won't blow a snowshoe to pieces.

    Several of my friends have Lyman Great Plains rifles and they are excellent firearms (see threads by Huntaway). Others have Thompson Centers and do well with them. A few friends have Traditions rifles and they are hit and miss - some are great shooters but others are almost useless. I think they have a quality control problem.

    If you really prefer the look and feel of the Enfield - go for it. Whatever suits you best! Although if you want to take part in any Rendezvous activities you can't use the Enfield. It's too modern.
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    If you like your rifle and can shoot well with it it will work just fine. You might find it a bit heavy to carry but It will be more than enough gun for most north American game animals.

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    All things within their parameters.

    So my answer; Yes.

    Know your firearm. Know it's capabilities and yours. Know your game. Know your range. Shoot and eat tenderloins!!!


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