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Thread: Bullet Knurling First Impression

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    What about the adapters to use large rifle primers instead of 209s? Or are they designed more for speed and ease than accuracy?
    I picked up that Vari-Flame kit from PR bullets yrs ago after finding I was getting far to much blow back. Is used it extensively for a few years to the point (wore them out) that I bought a second kit. About the same time they came out with the ML specific 209's and I haven't used them since.

    The 209 primer was designed for shotshells. The hole through the shotshell hull is almost .250" in size. The hole through the muzzleloader breech plug is .030". Where do you think that extra fouling will end up?
    Too much energy:
    I have no idea who started the 209 craze but I believe that it provides way more energy than is required to get the job done. Try this experiment for yourself. Take your ramrod with a jag and a clean damp patch, push it all the way down the barrel of your muzzleloader. Mark the ramrod where it meets the end of the barrel with a strip of masking tape. Put a 209 into the breach plug, close the gun, the hammer and pull the trigger. With our Encore, the ramrod will get blown 6"- 8" up the barrel with just the force of the 209. If we do the same experiment with a small rifle primer, the ramrod moves less than 1".

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