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Thread: .45 Poly Patches

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    Default Poly Patch Day 2

    Day 2:

    First off...I tested the 'grip' of the cup...the ball does not fall if you tip it upside down and it took a fairly hard bang to finally get the ball to drop when held upside down. I would NOT have a concern carrying the rifle around with a load using one of these the poly patches.

    Range: I moved the target board out to 50 yds and continued to load with 60 grs of Pyrodex for the first 4 shots. I then drop the load down to 50 grs for shots #5 and #6.

    The results are pretty good, one a little high, one a little wide. All in all however I'm impressed with these poly-patches. They work and are easier to load than using a lubed cloth patch

    note: sorry I just noticed that the labelling is too small to read...not worth doing over Suffice it to say the the hits dropped with less powder....this gun seems to like a 50 gr load.

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    Looking good!


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