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    Hi Everyone!

    Recently decided to pick up fly fishing. After practicing for a couple weeks I think I'm ready to hit the river.

    I was wondering what flies everyone would suggest I get set up with. After scourging the net for a week or so I found that the options on flies are limitless and really vary depending on location.

    I'm planning on starting off at the forks of the credit for resident trout. Any suggestions on what flies I should start to fill my fly box with? I'm using a 4wt rod

    Any help would be great, I didn't buy flies yet so I avoided the temptation to just run to the river and not properly learn how to cast!

    Thanks everyone!!


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    Hey Bep! Welcome to the addiction!

    For this time of year, I'd recommend getting yourself a selection of nymphs. Bead head pheasant tails, prince nymphs, caddis nymphs to name a few. Within the next week or two we'll finally start seeing some consistent hatches. When that happens the fish will start looking up and you'll be able to start using dry flies. Blue Winged Olive patterns and Hendrickson patterns will be useful. As a beginner, I'd recommend using 'parachute' style dry fly patterns to start. They're highly visible which makes it a little easier for the novice.

    Aside from those, some woolly buggers and rabbit strip streamers should have a place in your fly box.

    There's a pretty good list here of flies for southern Ontario:

    And a few hatch charts you might find useful:

    Hope that helps get you started!

    Dave Barrett ~ Fly Fish ~ Professional Fish Bum

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    Best suggestion is go to your local fly shop and ask. Usually you can go to their fly selection and they usually will mark which flies are hot at that time.
    Hope it helps!

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    Sorry meant to say "my best suggestion"

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    wooly buggers with or with out a bead head seem to an all round kinda fly, plus they are one of the easier ones to tie if that's something your going to get into.

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