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Thread: Chihuahua Saved by Rottweiler from Coyote

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    Default Chihuahua Saved by Rottweiler from Coyote

    Interesting Video.. Hopefully not a double post

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    I seen that video at least 2 years ago and NYdailytimes just reporting it now??? OR did I miss something???

    I know of the same situation that happened around here, The dog was a fox terrier that almost was dinner but his two buddies that are lurchers, Caught and killed that coyote. They came from a hunting background but have never hunted themselves. It is a high end horse farm and the owner of the dog was telling me the story and she couldn't believe her dogs killed a coyote because she has never seen them show any aggression.

    I showed her pics of the lurchers I know that run coyotes LOL.....You want to see tough hunting dogs, These sight dogs are something else
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