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Thread: Definition of Sharing a firearm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shazam View Post
    For some odd reason, I cannot follow the link to "learn more" from work.
    I can, and it includes an important exception:
    "Any game (except for migratory birds) taken by the Apprentice must be included in the bag limit of the Mentor."

    So for migratory birds, you do get two limits. (As Quack_Kills pointed out while I was on the phone....)
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    Quote Originally Posted by redd foxx View Post
    My son got his apprentice card when he was 12 years old and had it until he was 15. When he came hunting it was all about him. One gun, he carried it and he shot it. If/when he harvested game.... great, if he missed...that was okay as well. They were the best times for both of us and still the best of memories for me. Those 3 years were all about him. When he was in school and couldn't go....that was my time. It didn't matter to me what would have been legal or not as far as carrying cased guns, etc. I didn't do it because it was all about his experience, not what I could shoot. He missed lots and shot a few. That was the best of it. I think that is the intention of the system no matter what the legalities are!! When I was out without him and shot game....I was disappointed that he was not there pulling the trigger. Leave the extra gun at home and let him/her do the shooting. I think you'll feel a lot better about the experience.
    Wow, what a HUGE amount of replies. My question wasn't just about guns though, it was also looking for general advice and I really appreciated the quote above that, regardless of the regs, your experience was that making it 100% about the youth was the way to go... cool!

    As for the whole one gun, or gun case debate - I am yet to get a response from a CO, or even any indication of who my local CO is. very dissapointing.

    So my decision is thus:
    When I go hunting with just my daughter, I am going to bring one gun and only she will shoot.

    If we go hunting with several hunters, then we will trade off being mentors during the hunt (they have already volunteered to do this) so at any given time one of the adults will have their hands free and be totally focused on mentoring.

    It seems the above is the safest approach.

    IF I do get a response from a CO, I will post it.

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    If you go to the MNRF site, click on Applying for big game, at the end of that page, there is a "contact us" tab. Click that and type in your question. I sent one in regarding the "Ask a CO" page. Well, apparently this new method is all we have. The "Ask a CO" is no more !
    I did receive a response very quickly though !

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