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Thread: .243 sight in for coyotes

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    Snowwalker I had no doubt you knew what you meant. I have typed similar when crossing over from MOA to MRAD and even common stuff like Metric to Imp. and vice.

    In fact, it's why it's a good idea to have turrets and reticles that have matching units of measure. MOA/MOA or MRAD/MRAD.

    I like that reticle. similar to mine and I get about 850 meters out of my 10 mrad holdover. Looks like you could get about the same with 36 moa holdover with my round (a 308 and 165 gr GameKing.)
    Still good to catch the mistakes quick...I would hate to have a NASA lander type event..

    Now why don't you take a few pages( 100 to 200 should be enough ) and explain the need to adjust for movement of the earth well the bullet is in flight...
    I would think that the "Eotvos Effect" would be the one to start with...The "Coriolis Effect" will take some time..
    I still have to go back and look up the formulas, but then again I don't use them everyday any more.
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