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    Hi I was just wondering if any one has used these before like the idea but those that had tried it whats the pros or cons Thanks Mario

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    Hi, we have tried these props, great to use if you hit something not bad then all you do is change the blades that are damaged. Also if you decide to have more people in your boat than you usually carry you can change the blades to another pitch for a better ride.Great props.

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    I used one of these for 3 years on a 25hp mercury 2stroke. My conclusion: novelty junk.

    They are far more fragile that a metal prop so when you do hit something, you will be replacing blades, and the blades, unlike metal blades cannot be repaired. My original metal prop lasted 10 years. I replaced it with a piranha which needed 5 blades replaced over 3 years. Far more expensive in the long run. My old prop was still in good enough shape that I had it refurbished and put it back on.

    The last straw with the piranha was that the hub started to separate - so that under load the engine would rev - feeling similar to a slipping clutch in a car.

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