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Thread: I could be wrong, but I am darn sure I am NOT...Family troubles to follow.

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    AMEN BigBear ! Wow ! 6 pages of opinions and really...... ? Who cares ? In-laws becoming outlaws pfffft ! I feel for ya Snowwalker but you stepped in it ! Wipe it off ... make nice with the wife and be thankful you don't live next door to them ! LoL !

    Have a Happy New Year !

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    Ok I was just going to let the thread die..But I see I am going to have to clear something up here.

    Yes the wife was/is really and truly PO'ed. But It"s NOT me she was/is PO'ed with. The in-laws gave me the brush off, and she said they had better listen. They of course blow off her comments as well. So in short I am good, the in-laws are not...very not.

    So now I hope that is straightened out.
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