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Thread: A Dry Lubricant for Rifle Barrels

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    Default A Dry Lubricant for Rifle Barrels

    Well this is new...a spray on lube to your sabots that lines the barrel with what is essentially a 'ceramic' coating.

    Not sure is at $40 a can to increase your velocity 2-5% is worth it, but if it helps with keeping the barrel clean it might be something to look into.

    Still not sure why guys are so opposed to swabbing a barrel between shots to maintain consistency...

    When HBN, as a dry fine particulate ceramic, consisting of 0.5 to 14 micron sized particles is burnished into a metal's surface, it produces the effect of a dry lubricant. With this in mind, Noel developed a patented process whereby he could apply HBN to bullets and gun barrels. When the bullet is fired, the particles are small enough that they literally embed themselves into the barrel's bore grain boundaries.

    Testing at a national laboratory confirmed that the HBN does, in fact, penetrate into the pores of the steel and produce a long-lasting lubricating effect. How long no one really knows for sure, due to the many variables, but independent testing with an AR-15 indicates no significant reduction in the ceramic coating after firing 4,500 rounds.

    It requires 15 to 20 rounds of coated bullets to achieve the desired level of ceramic coating in a bore. After the coated rounds are fired, higher muzzle velocities are achieved, averaging 2% to 5% in centerfire rifles, indicating a better seal and/or less friction. In either case, the barrel stays cleaner, as with less friction there is less tendency for powder residue or bullet metal to stick in the barrel. This is a real benefit for shooters.
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    Liqui Moly makes an additive (ceramic) that treats engine/tranny oil. This ceramic coating process seems to be a good thing.

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