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Thread: Fly tying progress

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    Someone said it already~the fish will be the judge. I've been tying for about 25 years, and it still chuckle when a badly chewed-up fly continues to catch fish well. I chuckle because I'm mindful of how I sometimes don't even use flies that don't come off the vise "perfect" in my eyes. lol

    Funny, too, how time changes fly selection. I used to carry about 8 fly boxes, easily 500-600 flies...and reach for the same 4-5 patterns every time. Only did that for about 15 years before getting smart. Now, I figure if they won't eat those...they're not eating at all. Couldn't be my technique...right? lol

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    It"s hard to beat small soft hackle flies.start with size 16 and 18"s.Any body colours , green brown yellow, .I like muscrate fur and peacock herl also.

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    I favor a neat, well proportioned, sturdy fly. I find them pleasing to my eye, which gives me confidence that they will work. The same goes for those trusty, reliable patterns, I have confidence they will work. For me, confidence leads to better presentation, which lands more fish.
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