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    As much as some of you don't like to see the topic discussed on here, there are many forums down south that do discuss Duplex Powder loading openly.

    I had no idea what it was until the topic was raised here a while back, so I spent a morning reading thru a vast amount in interesting discussions on other forums from guys that were involved with it to better experience shooting their ML's.

    Nothing wrong with learning....hate to become an ostrich

    note: I will add, in the hundreds of threads/post I read thru..there wasn't a single mention of 'catastrophic' accident due to Duplex Powder loads. The guys doing this know their stuff and always caution of the dangers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by terrym View Post
    Actually the issue here is people promoting duplex loads using smokeless powders in a Savage ML10 smokeless muzzle loader which is a muzzle loader mostly by technicality. this gun is subject to multiple lawsuits due to user error and untrained people treating smokeless powder like black powder. Over load a blackpowder charge by 15% and it just makes more noise. With smokeless powder you could destroy the gun and end up in emergency. Promoting the use of duplex smokeless loads by amateurs is extremely irresponsible. If you are not a trained expert in a well equipped lab with extensive test equipment as all powder manufacturers have, you are an amateur. What you choose to do is your own business but you shouldn't be discussing that here.
    You got it right, user error. That is the cause of everyone one of those law suits. And that user error was being distracted and double loading their firearm. You can't teach common sense. An incident comes to mind of a young lad that blew up his rifle when he was trying out handloading for the first time. So I think all reloading should be banned because that would be the logical thing to do!

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