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    well I did enjoy the first few seasons of swamp people I was looking forward to the start of the new season .while last night I got a chance to watch the second show and I had to turn it off ,it is just done so poorly .I saw a guy try to shoot a gater with a rem pump 22 that was so rusty it would no shoot so he beat on it with a screw driver or something and when it did go off the for end fell apart in two chunks .thy made up so much drama with shooting that gator it was just sick .any normal guy could have shot that gator 100 times before thy finally did shoot it ,I got about 10 minutes in to it and had to change the channel ,,to bad the show does have potential but thy just wreck it with bad Dutch

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    Too bad. You missed the part after where his partner talked him into buying an AR platform 22 because that's what you need to dispatch a gator point blank.

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    You have to look past, the bad parts lol. They do convince them to do some really stupid stuff.

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