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Thread: Any Land Surveyors south of North Bay?

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    Default Any Land Surveyors south of North Bay?


    I already have a survey of my 50 acre bush lot (rectangle 200m X 1000m). It's in the Sundridge/South River area. I am familiar with map/compass/GPS and have walked the perimeter to flag it. I have found some marking posts and 3 out of 4 corners are known for sure. There is one corner that has me confused...the location where I found the iron bar in the ground doesn't make sense to me.

    So, I'm just looking for a surveyor to go for a walk with me along the perimeter and confirm what I think I already know. I don't need anything on paper from you, just your expertice. I will certainly pay you for your time.

    I figure this is one of the better times of year before the blackflies are out.

    You can send me a PM if you are interested.
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    have you looked at it on google earth? if you go to tools you can measure distance or draw a path... so mark out the distances on the sat image and compare to what you think... thats how i found the fourth of my posts, turns out i wasnt going far enough back...
    fishy steve
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    I can probably help you with that.

    PM sent

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    Thanks Jakezilla. PM sent.

    Thanks Steve. I have used map/compass and drawn it out on Garmin Mapsource software and then uploaded the perimeter to my GPS. The iron bar I found, 200 m from the other, does not end up being at a right angle to the longer 1000m side. It's rather hard for me it explain by typing it out. That's why I was just looking for someone to go for a hike with me.

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