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    Every year I go down to the fish ladder in Port Hope Ontario to watch the annual spring rainbow trout run. Trout leave Lake Ontario and travel up the tributaries, in this case the Ganaraska river, to spawn every year. Back in the 1980's there was a "ladder" built which is a series of steps that help the fish get over the dam. From inside the ladder there is also a counter and a basket that they can use to sample the fish. Last year the number of trout over the dam was approximately 8000. The Salmon also use this same ladder in the fall but the colours and jumping ability of the trout are truly a treat to photograph.
    I have uploaded all 105 images to a facebook album found here ( , however here are some of my fav's.










    This was a heavy crop but you can see she's got a hitchhiker (lamprey) still stuck to her. I often get lots of images of fish with lamprey marks but have never got a picture of one jumping with a lamprey still attached.

    Here is a short video i shot just to give you an idea of what its like there.

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    Incredible photos Mike! I'm sure it's a sight to see in person.
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    Outstanding !!!!!! That damned eel shot is amazing.
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    Fantastic action shots, Mike! What beautiful, powerful fish!
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    Breath taking photos. Must be something to see in person

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    Awesome as always Mike I was hoping to get there this year but work is in the way

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