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Thread: Ricki gervais slams hunters

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    Quote Originally Posted by mosquito View Post
    Never heard of him, did the Wiki look up, comedian... person of the year by PETA.... attention seeking idiot would be my impression... so who cares what he has to say!
    Yup, he’s found something he can use to extend his 15 minutes of fame. He’s no less an attention seeking publicity hound than the images that started it all.

    it's best just to ignore what people like him say
    While I agree the best thing “we” can do is ignore it, unfortunately a lot of people in the middle aren’t. This one has traction.
    ~See the petition and pressure to get Facebook to ban “trophy aka glory shots”
    ~See all the hoopla, see all the noise being made on social media

    Fact is, and it’s a fact. A number of my friends, real people, real friends. Who have no or little issue’s with hunting.

    Are disgusted and not holding back. I’ve expressed my sentiments once on my wall about hiprocrites, about glass houses, about people who belly ache about this/that and the other, all the while ignoring if they are meat eater, have no trouble paying someone to get their hands bloody…..or so much more right here at home ( be it plowing fields for monster glass houses, or salt run off and brook trout dying slow painful deaths and more) and who are the only ones trying to save them ( anglers and Hunters).

    And once on a good friends wall. This friend is ex AF, (Far from a pacifist, or Anti Gun, a meat eater, loves it when I bring over Bear, Venison, Moose, whatever)….has zero troubles with hunting but who shared one of the “Ricky images” and words to the effect people who kill terrified animals and screaming in agony being C……u…….n…!…..$..And why did he????

    We’ve “lost” him. And I can tell you, a number of my close personal friends are utterly

    Imo, what ever her name is, none too bright in her quest for publicity and attention either. And “sometimes” we are our own worst enemies and bring some or a lot of the anti movement, and heat on “ourselves”.

    Blame her Imo, that’s where the Bullseye belongs.
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    Here’s part of a discussion that took place on my wall between a dyed in the wool stand up for our “rights” hunter, and a good friend... as a result of one Hunter who lacks common sense.

    Middle ground person
    I think the problem is not only with the hypocritical (Antis) but also with the adrenaline junky sports/trophy hunters who give sustenance hunter/fisher people a bad image. Glory shots like the one below disgust me as there in no ethical rationale for this lion hunt/ the disrespectful glory shot nor her other hunt of the giraffe. Hard to sway the general populace when this behaviour is out there

    My response
    Fair point XXXXXX, I'm not a fan of many trophy shots, they don't help. Nor is FB and other social media "really" well advised given the various debates. Being conscious and respectful is part of it.

    Education, awareness, of numerous issues be they co
    nservation, or dispelling many misconceptions. Getting youth involved will always be "our" best "ammunition".

    Some "trophy" shots i feel are ok (still not really for me) but they can be done tastefully, respectfully. Though we should never feel ashamed of what we do. Understanding, and respect goes a long ways, and cuts both ways as always

    The world is rarely black or white, normally a shade of grey.

    Dyed in the wool stand up for our “rights” person
    I think the words "trophy shot" need clarifying. Hunters, whether sustenance or not, hunt selectively. We don't shoot the first thing that comes along. We typically pick out males because females control the population. We typically choose mature males, because removing one doesn't affect the ability of others to breed the females. That is what we choose from, that is what people call the trophy animal. ...selective harvest.. A trophy shot is a picture memorializing that huge accomplishment...The high that happens after years of practice, hundreds to thousands of dollars of money and a clean kill is insane. Anyone who has hunted knows the feeling. Wanting to capture that moment is normal. Wanting to brag about your accomplishment is normal. Blame genetics for the sheer joy. I have trophy shots of almost every fish, bird or deer I have ever harvested. I have yet to understand why are we not as indignant when its a picture of a kid holding a dead fish. Our summer FB feeds will be filled with them and we don't care because fish aren't cute. They are not fuzzy, they do not purr and they do not have adorable cousins killing mice in our homes. Double standard much? So about this lion picture and ethical rationale. How much do we know about lions? Or the lion in this picture? Hunters in reserves usually take the solitary males..not the ones in a pride..the old ones that have been kicked out of a pride or the young ones with no pride. These game reserves know exactly what they have for a population and they are trying to prevent overpopulation and inbreeding. These hunts are guided. It is managed and not an indiscriminate killing rampage. They use the money to care for the population. Without culls, any extra males would look for a pride until they fight another male then they wandered off to spend several days dying. I see the hunt as a more ethical, humane solution. So she took a lion. I say good for her...well done. And the ridiculous amount of money she paid for the privilege went into hiring staff to fight with poachers and medical staff to care for the lions and the other animals in the reserve that are actually endangered. If anything was wasted from the kill, then I would have a reason to be pissed. If she took a healthy, mature male out of a pride, with no regard to the breeding program, I would be pissed..But if anyone complains about this picture like this, and then goes on to post a foodie picture of their BBQ or dinner plate, then I call hypocrite. Its the same damn thing except in the latter picture, the meat is sanitized and the killer was hired. The real sad thing is that I have trophy shots of me as a child with my Grandfather. They are so important to me and I am proud of them...very, very proud. Hunting has been a huge part of my life..... Yet I am too scared of the death threats nonsense to share the hunting ones and I refuse to indulge the hypocrisy of people by putting the fishing ones up.

    Middle ground Person
    YYYYYYY good point about the fish- never thought about the kids and fish perspective in that way. You are right no different minus the fuzzy fur and how we tend to humanize fuzzy creatures unlike bugs, fish maybe and snakes. I understand the concept of cull and eco- management. Rebecca Francis the hunter in this shot is however a professional trophy hunter ( her denoted title not my label) who also took the lovely shot lying down with the giraffe. Do giraffe"s need to be culled? Maybe, but in this case doubt it. My whole point is hunters like her are not sustenance hunters but adrenaline junkies looking for the next thrill/kill- big difference- and that is what tarnishes the image of true sustenance hunters in the PETA loving general populace"s minds.
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    The girl who killed the giraffe said that the animal was already dying and the locals used it for food. Sure the picture was a great trophy but it was used for food, so I'm good with what she did.

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    Ricky, I see you are "sticking your neck out" for wildlife? It appears African wildlife in particular? That's really great Ricky!! Knowing your dedication to the preservation of Africa's wildlife, maybe you can share with your 2.7 million followers all that you have done to "stick your neck out" as you claim?

    Surely you wouldn't mind then disclosing the exact amount of money you have contributed to "on the ground" wildlife protection projects throughout the Dark Continent? Remember to be specific as to who/when/where your money was sent, thus we can collaborate your story? Of which, I am sure there is many!

    No doubt you can also tell us, and show us (a guy like you would never miss out on a photo op) all the places you've been across the continent of Africa - actively protecting wildlife, providing support (both financially and emotionally) to actual anti-poaching units who really are "sticking their neck out" for wildlife. And I'm not referring to some game park in South Africa 30 minutes from Joberg that needs little to no protection in the first place, or the Serengeti National Park. I'm talking about Africa's truly wild places - where the game you seek to protect are desperately in need. Like most of Tanzania's wild game reserves, or Zambia's Game Management Areas, or Zimbabwe's National Parks Safari areas, or Mozambique's numerous Coutada's - all of which are constantly under attack from illegal poaching activities.

    Surely you've been to some of these places, stepped foot on the ground, shared a campfire or two with the game scouts / anti poachers who work tirelessly - day in and day out, sometimes paying the "ultimate price" all in the name of wildlife protection? Please tell me you have shared their sacrifice, if only for a few days? Please tell me you have seen the struggles they face, and participated in their never ending search for the those who are really out to decimate the game we all so love?

    Interestingly enough, I already know the answers to my questions....and so do you! I know, because unlike you and the many talking heads of the anti-hunting movement - I have in fact seen, experienced and participated in all of the above. I have been shot at by poachers, I have raided poachers camps, I've seen hundreds of animals killed by their indiscriminate snaring, poisoning, and so on - but more shocking than all of what I have experienced over the past 20 years in the wilds of Africa, is what I have never experienced! I've never one single time seen a representative from any "animal rights / welfare" organization, or "individual", in any of these wild places, trying to help the wildlife or the people, NEVER!! What I have seen in over 500 days of personal time spent in the African bush is the sole support of the wildlife departments / anti-poaching units solely supported by hunters, and the companies (outfitters) that lead their expeditions.

    The hunters/outfitters are supplying the anti-poaching units with money, fuel, vehicles, clothes, camping gear, supplies, and the list goes on. Where are you, your money, your help/support - where are any of you? No where to be seen, that's where - other than ranting via social media in hopes of gaining a few more inexperienced followers! Hunters dollars almost solely fund Tanzania's Wildlife Authority, certainly its not coming out of your pocket. Outfitters are employing local villagers as camp staff, trackers, anti-poachers, and hunting license/game fee dollars allow game departments to employ locals as game scouts, wardens, etc. Again, why are you and your cronies not stepping up to the plate and covering these costs? After all, you are "sticking your neck out" for wildlife, correct???

    Rather than truly supporting the wildlife you claim to love, you lower yourself to vile name calling, and the use of foul language on a public/social media site (one visited by children as well) to attack and defame a legal, ethical, conservation minded hunter, Mrs. Rebecca Francis. You and your followers do so out of ignorance, poor judgment and lack of knowledge/experience because its the only counter argument you have. Those of us who have "been there, done that" know the truth and know the harsh reality that is the African bush, and what it takes to protect its precious Flora & Fauna. You sir, most certainly do not! You sir have not the fortitude or vigor to see and experience for yourself what reality is like in some of Africa's most remote and wild places.

    Mr. Gervais, in the name of fair play - I here on your own FB page challenge you to a public debate on the subject of international / conservation minded hunting. I'll do so at any time, and any place! You name it, and I'll be there. Do as one of your followers has already suggested. Host a 2-hour tv special, air it in the UK, the USA and anywhere else you deem necessary. Lets see who is really educated, experienced and knowledgeable on the subject of legal hunting, and the role it plays in wildlife conservation. There's no reason you shouldn't accept the challenge. I'm no one special, I have no special wildlife degrees, or extended education in wildlife management. I'm just a normal guy, from a modest background who speaks only from "on the ground" experience. Certainly I couldn't possibly be more knowledgeable than someone as famous, wealthy and experienced as you, could I??

    I'll be waiting for your reply, I'm not hard to find.

    Aaron Neilson

    I like the fact that Ricky was unable to reply to his comment and deleted the post by Aaron. heh.

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