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Thread: The Mk I Martini-Henry: Shooting at Longer Ranges

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    Default The Mk I Martini-Henry: Shooting at Longer Ranges

    A follow up video to the earlier ones I've posted.

    I don't know if it just a coincidence, but a few weeks back I asked him about the rest he uses and low and behold in this new video he goes into detail about the rest he's using. Neat piece of kit eh Pete !!

    I found the concept of blow tubing interesting..makes sense, sort of like a 'pre-spit' swab of the barrel.

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    Hey Pete..he did add the info on the rest in response to our interest for

    Hi Mike. Thanks for the kind words. The rest is very much a modern addition. I made it to resemble a mess tin of the Victorian era when it is packed in it's case... That way I can incorporate it, in with the knapsack and/or valise equipment to carry it about and still have it be something useful (unlike a mess tin). It is fully adjustable for height and is padded for comfort... Although it has been featured in this video and others I haven't yet shown how it goes together. I am working on a clip as we speak that will show just that. It'll take a bit longer to get the clip edited but it will be along shortly. Cheers.

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    Makes me wanna fire my Martini Henry ( not sure if it's the same gun ? )

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    Thanks for that video, Mike! That rest sure is a great piece of kit! I can't remember hearing about a "blow tube" before.

    I assume that you've seen the movie "Zulu" (1964) and the later "Zulu Dawn" (1979). They make me want to own a Martini-Henry.
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