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    Was at the Binbrook Country Home and Garden Show and Car show Sunday. There were a couple ladies from Toronto selling fur coats. They had one made from beaver and dyed blue. Looked really nice. It was priced at $1300 and a matching scarf at $225. It was too much for the people that went there and they went home skunked. They said the beavers were caught and purchased from Algonquin natives and said that the natives ate the beaver meat in their hopes to appeal to the people.

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    Besides being an abomination to dye a good beaver pelt blue, good to see it's being sold by the natives. Their skills working with leather etc have always been a good source of income for the reserves.

    Of course they would eat the meat, traditionally they don't (usually) waste food. I make a mean stew with the meat I salvage off my trapped beavers. Nice red meat.
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