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    Just a reminder that the forum rules were modified to deal with the issue of out of season fish pictures being posted on the forum (among other things).

    As we get into the time of year when out of season sport fish (OOSSF) catches are more likely to occur please be aware that all pictures of OOSSF will be deleted without warning. IF you are fishing in an area where the season opens early or does not close (eg. Northern Ont & bass) please make reference to that in your post.
    From :

    4(b). We love to see your photos, but these guidelines must be followed. Members posting photos of their success in the field or on the water, please note:
    * You represent ALL hunters/anglers with material you post on this public forum.
    * Post ONLY photos of tagged big game if the tag would normally be visible.
    * Exclude “celebration" drinks from photos.
    * Tastefully display your harvest (no excessive gore).
    * Do not post photos of fish caught in catch and release-only seasons.

    Thanks for your cooperation
    Heeere fishy fishy fishy fishy! :fish:

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    Thanks for the update but I completely disagree with having to specifically state that you were in northern Ontario, its called Ontario out of doors, not southern Ontario out of doors. If members in a closed season area are not bright enough to look at the regs, that's their problem and their posts stating that things are illegal should be deleted and they get a warning.


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    Northern Ont was an example .
    The rule does not state that you must say where you were fishing, it was just a suggestion to try to avoid critical remarks about OOSSF pics.
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    Covering our butts and making our sport as transparent to the public as possible is very important....Its not fair.... Its just another asinine hoop we HAVE TO jump threw as hunter and fishers....If i hook out of season fish i don't take it out of the water....I just reach into the water along side the boat and release....One of my biggest fears is the media making us appear we arn't following the law....They look for gray areas were people will not become more familiar with the issue.....Then twist the truth leave out facts.... Then we are the "bad guys" defending our way of life ​AGAIN....Just B###S###....But its just the way it is.
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    Hi, who can give personal advice?

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