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Thread: Prussian Carp in Ontaio?

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    Default Prussian Carp in Ontaio?

    Some idiot(s) decided it would be a good idea to illegally "introduce" them into a popular put-and-take trout reservoir (Blood Indian) here in Alberta. Rumour has it some "New Canadians" wanted a source of fresh carp. The locals are not happy.

    Curious if they're in Ontario? Apparently, you can buy them at pet stores. I've never been to Ontario (less a few hours spent in the Toronto airport - the bar, for safety). I'm guessing you do b/c you have pet stores, right? I just answered my own question.

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    I've never heard of any Prussian Carp in Ontario. We do, of course, have far too many common carp.

    I've heard of ponds in southern Ontario which are teeming with released goldfish.

    And certain people keep trying to import live Asian carp into the province. Stupid SOB's!
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    I was watching an episode of Swamp People and noted Asian Carp jumping out of the water behind them as their boat powered up a canal. I guess the gators don't like eating them,either.
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