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    With the Big Game Hunt season fast approaching a story like this is a good reminder that when your plan is taking you off the beaten path, make sure your prepared for it.

    This 67 yr old guy was out for a hunt with buddies and got separated and spent almost 2 days lost in the bush with no food or water. He could have died had it not been for Luck.

    The pair was on their way to their final stop Saturday morning, driving their truck along an unmaintained logging road that dipped into the Flathead River Valley.

    There, they saw a surprising sight: a dishevelled man, frantically waving a silver survival blanket, attempting to catch the attention of a passing plane.

    "I asked him if he was okay. He said 'No, I'm lost and I'm pre-diabetic," said Ruppert.

    Rudolfsen says the man initially seemed disoriented and was having trouble standing. After a moment's suspicion, it soon became apparent that he was in distress he was having trouble communicating, and neither Rudolfsen or Ruppert could figure out how he got to the remote area.

    "My first thought was 'Where's his ATV, where's his vehicle?'"
    No food, no water

    Garth McDonald, 67, had been on a birthday hunting trip with friends in a nearby valley when he got separated from his group.

    He somehow found his way to the Flathead valley, setting up a makeshift camp metres from where Rudolfsen set up her equipment. The plane was a search-and-rescue craft that had been scouring the area.

    By the time the researchers found him, he had been lost for a day and a half, without food or water.
    It might not seem necessary at the time your packing, but this is a reminder how quick a Hunt can turn into a live to death situation.

    "Be Prepared".
    Arte et marte (By Skill and by Fighting)...The RCEME motto

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