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Thread: american vs canadian pricing

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    bush24, You are truly a man that see the real picture. Canadians just don't question price or the logic behind the price, if they want it bad enough they will shell out whatever is being asked for it. Hamburger at $5 a pound? Hamburger is about the end of the road for a piece of meat, after a week or so as hamburger it pretty much beyond human consumption. If people don't pay the $5 a pound and just walk away from it, I have a feeling the price would start to drop pretty quickly. The problem is the large spread in incomes. What I view as too expense, an individual with say twice my income picks it up, with what he considers to be pocket change. The retailers knows these individuals are out there and there is enough of them that they don't have to worry about the hamburger ever spoiling, so they hold it's price at $5/lb. There is nothing frugal about someone who has money to burn.

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    Wages are higher in Canada. Utilities are higher in Canada. Cost of fuel for delivery is higher. Taxes are higher here. That's why I shop American!!

    Minimum wage in most states is less than $8.00 an hour.

    If you go to Menards, a lot of lumber, ceiling tiles, wall board among other items are cheaper in the states but made in Canada.

    Reason is that they buy millions of dollars worth to get lower costs.
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