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Thread: Trail cam pics and weather/moon phases

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    Default Trail cam pics and weather/moon phases

    Just wondering if any guys out there look at trail cam pics (weather is be last months or last years) and try and study the deer movement they catch on trail cams in relation to moon phases and weather/wind patterns??

    If so can you let me know what website you use to look up past weather..

    Im in the process of analyzing the last 2 years trail cam pics from one farm I hunt and seeing If i can find a pattern, so trying to find a website that can tell me what the wind, barometric etc was say one month ago, etc.

    If any of you guys track this kind of stuff I'd love to hear your feedback..

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    Good luck with finding a pattern.
    The only pattern I've ever found was that the biggest deer of the year shows up about Nov 10th , always about 9 days after I've shot a smaller deer.
    Do I care? Only a little bit. I'm happy to get my deer early and return to some late season duck hunting.

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    Weather Underground has vast historical data of weather. They report airport conditions for pilot so they have wind speed, hight of cloud deck, visibility ranges....
    Just check out the data for your closest airport.

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