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Thread: 1970's outdoor pic NORTH TO ALASKA

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    1970's outdoor pic NORTH TO ALASKA
    I have been going literally out of my Brain trying to find a old outdoor Pic that my dad and I seen when I was a little guy in the 1970ís ,The title was North to Alaska not the John Wayne movie, but as he says a Moose hunting movie based in Alaska that played at The old Humber theatre on Jane and Bloor in Toronto as best as his memory can recall ( he recalls one of the scenes going in on the old style halftrack and one guy shooting a Cow moose by mistake in stead of shooting a bull) .I have searched online for countless hours with nothing to show for my efforts and would like to somehow find this flick a see it again with my Dad if some miracle occurred .I know its been a long time and ya it may sound crazy but if anyone has seen it and could be a great help, any scrap of info even if you think a movie that you my have seen sounds similar around the same time it could be a great Help. There always is a possibility that the title may not be exactly as my dad remembers it was over 30 years ago.
    Thanks you 1hunterboy

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