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Thread: Off Rogers looking for recommendations for ISP

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    Default Off Rogers looking for recommendations for ISP

    Our family has relocated to Oakville, and we're finally off the Rogers "teet" (Internet, Home phone, cable) as they don't provide service in Oakville/Burlington.

    We are actually considering just going with an Internet plan, and using ooma for phone.

    I have been looking at some options around the 25 - 50 Mbps range (using Netflix/Shomi mostly):

    • Techsavvy
    • VMedia
    • Bell
    • Cogeco

    Any suggestions recommendations? Should you purchase your own wifi router? I have read some quality issues with the built in wifi in some of the modems you can rent. Also heard of a wifi security issue with the new Bell modems.

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    I lilke the techsavvy and you can get the phone with them too, we have both. Who ever is the local cable provider will be their supplier but probably at a lower cost.

    I would say get your own router.... when you are setting the internet up and want to have some fun name it "CSISvan11" or "RCMPCar4" something with an interesting name... :-) When I see the half dozen or so in my area I see them named "linksys" or their address... may as well have some fun
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    Love Teksavvy. Had cable internet through them in Ottawa. Had 25mbps, unlim bandwidth for just $54 per month after 2 years with them. We bought a router through them (their middle of the road option) and it kinda underperformed on a 3 level home.

    Now we live in Arnprior and our internet options are Bell Fib, GoZoom (independent), NRTCO (independent) and Teksavvy. We stayed with Teksavvy because there was no activation fee on the DSL, and their price of $40/month is lower than anyone for the same 6-10mbps speed. It's not as fast as I'd like... but I'm not paying Bell $110/month for just 100gigs.
    Oh, and we got Teksavvy's best wireless modem/router and it's awesome. Strong wifi signal across our lawn, the street, the neighbour's lawn and on their front verandah. lol

    My days of paying Rogers and Bell and the like $100-$200 per month for internet and TV are far, FAR behind me. :-D
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    I've been with Cogeco for phone and internet for about 15 years now and I can't complain. Their internet is fast ( I have their 60 mbs package) and you get a reduced rate when you bundle. They don't supply a router and I've been through at least three routers in that time which isn't bad. Routers are relatively cheap considering they don't last forever. They also give me a loyalty rate because I've been with them that long.

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    Teksavvy, I save a ton and they are better to deal with.

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