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Thread: Camo Clothing Essentials?

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    Never owned a stitch of camo in my life and have taken plenty of critters. I agree with others that layering is key, for me that means wool and gore tex.

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    manufactured in sweat shops in Asia (yes Sitka too) so really the price you're paying is based on your perception of quality and isn't really a reflection on actual quality.

    Xeon please don't take this wrong, how many hours do you have in Sitka gear?

    The following are to show the 90% pant

    March 2010 out with my camera

    Oct 2011 just having some fun

    Summer 2011 fishing

    Aug 2012 bear hunting

    Nov 2012. I spend a ton of hours each fall chasing WTs with camera gear........

    2014 packing for another Bear hunting trip. Just curious see any blown zippers/seams? Still look new? Being used? Ive owned since 2009 or maybe 2010

    Same 90% pant and core shirt except forest instead of mountain

    Here they are again Oct 2015 in Algonquin with my GF for the weekend

    The above is just a tiny, tiny smattering of occasions, uses when I when those pants. By now I figure I have a couple thousand in them alone..........

    This mothwing set is even older
    Spring 2015 Turkey Hunt

    Now I don't want to bore anyone with the fine details but to suffice to say I own a lot of Sitka products. including various pieces of their waterfowl line.

    Dec 2013 archery hunt...just days before the ice storm. This day dawned somewhere around -30

    Down filled and goretex= toasty warm with the right base and mids

    Forest line the incinerator set..Also somewhere around -15 to -20

    Now, please for the love of god don't take the above as recommendation to go out and buy some/any. It's not, nor is it for me to tell anyone else its worth it>

    I can speak with some authority about "perceived" quality. I have not one piece thats fallen apart, blown a seam or zipper, torn...let me down.

    How many hours in my mountain set which I wear, use and abuse all seasons, all activities (including painting the house....see the white mark on the right pocket in the fall 2015 image...doh) for many years and still look, and perform like new? I'm sure thousands by now
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    re quality...the same can be said for Carhartt products, designed for the working man. I have duck fabric clothing that see's daily wear and after 10+ yrs working around the farm are still good, seams intact and zippers work.... They represent great quality at 1/3 the cost of Sitka.

    I'm 8 yrs into my favorite TreeBark hunting coveralls, made by Winchester (U.S.) and they are still in great condition, seams sippers all in excellent condition...paid $75 (including s/h) for them on eBay

    Unless your one of those guys that wear your Camo shopping at CT every Sat and washing your truck in, most hunting gear will last the average hunter (2 weeks of wear) many years. When worn for hunting, most guys only need new stuff when you can no longer close the zippers due to food indulgences and lots of beer
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    As Ive maintained Mike, there are alternatives. Is it "worth it". Well that depends, on many things. Things I can't answer.

    Can speak to it's comfort (in all seasons). Those pants for example are seriously comfortable, and if weren't for the "camo" Id wear them as casual pants (out to movies, about town,...kinda like jeans except more comfortable and more durable). I have jeans that haven't lasted anywhere near as long (thread bare or blown zippers etc).

    Can certainly speak to its durability. I abuse those pants and other item given what I do, in all seasons. And when Im on a job (being paid for my time and expertise)...I don't have the option of saying "not today, its too windy...too wet). I have to deliver rain or shine and Im out in all seasons, all conditions.

    Other items are bought for specific purposes.
    Most people chirping about Sitka (its quality or price) might not bat an eye at a Canada Goose jacket. Either for themselves or their spouse/lady friend.

    I have the same in the Incinerator and waterfowl. 700 fill power goose Only difference being its designed with hunters in mind. Meaning they have features Canada Goose doesn't...Extra length and durable material for when sitting, say in a john boat and its pouring rain or there are whitecaps. Pockets and inside pockets designed with hunters in mind for shells, for this, for that and gizmos. Fleece around the neck and when zipped up will cover your face to...Hand inserts that partial cover the hand so only fingers really are exposed, and neoprene cuffs that can be cinched when its pouring rain. Oh and vents from rib cage to elbow so you don't overheat...oh and.....See below pic

    Ask anyone who owns a Canada Goose which range from $700 to $1200 if they are worth it. I bet those people don't sit for 3 to 6 hours in a tree when its -30 or freezing rain or during a blizzard and try to remain still.(been there, done that many times) . But every one of them will say they are the warmest they've ever owned. And they probably baby them, don't bushwhack or other in them

    ~Extra material on the waterfowl jacket for your backside when sitting.
    ~Extra length on the core shirt that partially covers the hand and thumb hole so its doesn't ride up when wearing more layer or can go over thin gloves...handy when spring bear hunting and theres no see-ums drawing blood.
    ~Outers and jackets with vents, so you don't over heat. In this case it makes getting into and out of Bibs very easy. Nov rifle hunt somewhere a little below freezing. 90% pant for a little warmth and moisture wicking ($100 jeans don't do that) and Bibs that zip from hip to cuff in both directions so you can vent while humping...fully or just around the crotch.

    For most guys I quite agree, no need for the stuff and it is expensive. Doesn't mean its not worth it, or its not durable, or it doesn't do what its supposed to ( and like most I have spent a lot of money on outdoor wear over the years that didn't......)

    Layers are most important things.
    Base layers should wick moisture and regulate body heat
    Mid Layers are for insulation, warmth
    Outer layers are the first line of defence against the elements. Wind, water, Cold

    "Camo patterns" are largely marketing ploys for fashion statements.
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    Good post JBEN and your photography website is very good.

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    Like many have said here, use good base layers to keep warm. I push through a lot of brush when I hunt, so I like ripstop fabric for pants, shirts, and light jackets. I buy they when they are on sale and they are mis matched. I have OD 5.11 pants, several long sleeve realtree t shirts, and a woodland cammo light jacket. My parka came from Sail make by Ganska it has a cammo pattern with a lot of brown oak leaves on it. I wear that for deer. You don't need the latest and greatest under armour fashion cammo, or break the bank getting a hightech suit. I have a friend who dropped $700 on a Kryptek cammo outfit for ducks. It was advertised as waterproof. The first rainstorm he was in showed him it was not waterproof. I have a old uncle who has been hunting for 60 years. He wears jeans and a CPO jacket.

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    I have more camo coats pants than I could wear in a season due to the range of hunting we do. A lot of this stuff has been accumulated over 25 years of hunting and I hunt in the fall from the day duck opens till dec 31 with my compound.

    I also have a farm which keeps me outside all season long in various temps as well. I try not to wear my hunting clothes for any farm or logging work As it doesn't matter how expensive they are they would be destroyed in less than a year, you get hydraulic fluids or diesel gas or metal grinds or welding sparks on your fancy camo 700$ they ain't gonna last or leave a strange odour in the woods. Big difference between sitting still in the woods taking pictures than jumping up and down on a tractor rigging logs in -30 ! I bought a new set of insulated overalls second day logging the heavy duty zipper was destroyed !

    This year I treated a friend of mine got a deal on M12 heated Milwaukee coats so I bought a camo hoodie n coat. 180 for both .

    They work great I combod the hoodie with a new set of redhead camo insulated overalls for 150$
    And comfortably bow hunter till the last day of season. Some days not even turning the m12 on !

    My camo camp hunting overalls still look brand new, my farming overalls after 6 weeks look like 6 years old !

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    Big difference between sitting still in the woods taking pictures than jumping up and down on a tractor rigging logs in -30 !
    Given the above comment I can only assume that was directed at someone. I should hope so, anyone jumping up and down in a tree when it's -5 (forget -20) sure wont be seeing many deer. The only hunters I know who do that, are cold and climb down out of the stand, walk a little or do jumping jacks to get some circulation going..........


    Look, if anyone wants to question whether an outer coat is worth paying $300 for or $500 for. Is it better to spend $150 and get something that may not be as well designed, or live up to the hype or xyz. Only the buyer can answer that for themselves.

    What I might suggest when anyone is considering what to wear. Think fit, form and function...Aka layers and comfort. Some are ok with mis matched pieces that gather and pinch (because they aren't cut and designed with layers in mind), others are ok if they end up looking like the michlin tire man, than wonder why they sweat like pigs....walking to from stands....

    When asking yourself well, how much am I willing to spend on an outer coat or base layers. Ask yourself what your willing to spend on a scope for that shiny new $1,000 rifle that sits in a cabinet most of the year.

    If your budget says well I'd think $400 for a scope and $200 for a range finder and $200 for a game camera.

    I think the stuff I can wear all year, that's well designed, and keeps me comfortable in all kinds of weather and stuff. Is worth atleast that much to. I can wear it shoveling the snow, walking the dog. Fishing be it spring, summer fall or winter, camping spring summer fall or winter, and with my "reality" which isn't everyones...when out with my cameras for fun (personal) or when on someones elses time and dime and I don't get to say....Ug, its freezing cold and wet out, lets go another day. Or I have to sit perfectly still for hours....Cant imnagine how you would feel if a trophy buck or Tom or rabbit, or Yote finally came into to sight and I moved because I was uncomfortably...

    Oh and did I mention its great when hunting with that scope that only comes out a few times a year, that I thought was worth more than the clothes I wear that me keep warm, dry, on the worst of days?

    Some don't and that's ok to.

    What I can say and speak to, is at least this much, having worn and abused quite a bit of it is as anyone can see in the pictures or in person if they want to.
    a) works as advertised and is very well designed for hunters
    b) Its durable
    c) its very comfortable

    Worht it? Cant answer that.
    And yes its not the only option, lots of perfectly fine options out there.

    and thanks Gilroy
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