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Thread: Reducing LOP on Benelly SuperNova SteadyGrip

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    Default Reducing LOP on Benelly SuperNova SteadyGrip

    Well after looking at several blogs showing me how to do this I finally decided to finally reduce my LOP on my Super Nova Steady Grip. First off I had to cut the stock down to the proper length (for me it was a little over a 1/4" (15mm to be exact - hey I'm Canadian).

    Once that was done I had removed the remainder of the inside rib that was used to hold in the old recoil pad using a Dremel tool. Once that was done I took a piece of wood (I used a hard wood) and traced a rough guideline of the stock on the block and cut it down on the band saw. Once that was done the work started. I used an electric sander and shaped the block to fit into the stock - remembering you needed to know your angles in order to taper the block to match that of the inside of the stock. Go very slow at this point......sand a bit and measure, measure again and then sand. It took me about an hour to sand the block down but it fits perfectly.


    Once the block was fitted I prepared for the epoxy. I sanded the inside 1" of the stock so that it was rough then cleaned the area of all dust and debris - I wanted a good seal. I then mixed the epoxy and applied a coat to the inside of the stock and a thin coat to the wood block. I carefully inserted the filler careful not to push it into the stock too far. Once it was in place I ran a skim coat of epoxy on the top of the block to fill in any gaps between the block and the stock. I let it cure for 24hrs and here is how it turned out - perfect.


    Now I need to drill out a hole to get access to the bolt that mounts the stock to the receiver. Again be careful as this needs to be on a slight angle and large enough to fit a socket through - I will use a drill press and a forstner bit for this job as not to chew up the block. Once that is done I can start shaping the recoil pad and mount it to the block - I will be using a pilot hole to avoid any cracking of the wood. I will post pics as I complete this project.

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