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Thread: verdict in police shooting.

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    What to expect, which could include further charges under the psa.

    Assuming he continues to collect for another year ( recall the Stars expose about the number of suspended officers, and for some the length of time and the reasons). And $15mm lawsuit.

    Taxpayers are on the hook large
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    Quote Originally Posted by rick_iles View Post
    If acquitted, there will be no PSA charges......

    Just because he may be acquitted doesn't mean he still won't face PSA charges. Thinking that a Police Service will let someone that caused all this trouble simply walk away and go back to work unscathed is completely unrealistic. Police Services have many ways of dealing with their "problem children".
    How come there's a handicap parking space in front of the liquor store?

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    This article explains the charge well.

    Basically they are saying post mortem that the first three shots were justified and those were fatal shots. The second round of shots apparently none of them would have been fatal. So the blame the first shots for the death and attempted murder on the second round as it wouldn't have caused death but were unjustified.

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    Default verdict in police shooting.

    Kinda of the same lines as Markb. I posted it in another thread that is on the same topic.

    Great explanation for one of Torontos top lawyers. His interpretation is pretty clear.


    This shows you how a person being shot can cover distance. Goes back to what someone else said about that 21ft rule. Different circumstances for sure but it goes to show that bullets aren't magic like the movies.

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    First rule, don't draw a line in the sand. What was he thinking?! I have my own opinions, but I wasn't there. It's very easy to judge when taking video and audio, out of context.

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