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Thread: Best Choice For Me

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    A lab is your best option. Who ever told you labs aren't smart must be pretty dumb themselves. Go watch a retriever trial or hunt test. Labs do things that quite simply, no other breed can at the same level... Take it from me... I'm not even a lab guy. There is a big difference between a well bred hunting lab and the neighbor's rock eater next door.
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    Thank you for your response Cass, I really appreciate it. It's funny you say rock eater because that is one of the comments I hear quite frequently. I guess I will just have to do some serious research into the breeders.

    I am not in any way disregarding your opinion, but for the sake of doing my homework, are there any other breeds you think would be well suited for me? I'd like to have at least one more option because this of course will also be a family pet and I'd like my wife to at least have SOME choice in the matter lol.

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    Everyone has an opinion. My advice is meet as many breeds as you can. Every dog is wired just a little different. We pick up a Italian Spinone on this Sat. I am sure it will hunt but either way we will love the hell out of it.

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