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Thread: Changing a Light Bulb....

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    Going up wouldn't be a problem.... "just keep looking up.. don't look down".... repeat 100 times but when I looked down then I would probably need paramedics, a tranquilizer dart in my butt, a pry bar for my fingers and still probably a straight jacket until I was on the ground awhile.

    The drone looks good to me or I'll take 1,500 in a glider any day, especially a nice day like that... on a pole..... I'm the guy with my back to the wall in the CN tower so up there.... NO WAY!!!!

    My idea of 1,500' never got mu license but as passenger seat a much more enjoyable 1,500'! If you get a second seat pilot and can be in the front... better yet... unless it is SOSA and Hans is flying.... he will stall the glider to show how safe it is... nothing like being in a plane that stops and starts going backward and then the nose drops and goes straight down to gain speed again .... roller coaster... yawn!

    If you get a chance they will often take people for rides (if you pay of course) but it better than that tower for sure in my opinion. Many a student has signed up for air cadets just to get their gliders license.

    Found someone doing stalls... note the string on the window for air flow, almost none and when you are in the seat it actually feels like the plane goes backward for about 1 second.
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    I'd love to do something like that. Back "in the day" when my parent's friends owned a Channel Master and tower dealership,guess who used to get the job of installing the rotor head mast,antenna and electrics on the top of 60' and 80' self support towers? It was a fabulous part time job for after school and weekends. I made some decent coin for a high school kid. With things going the way they are with Canadian TV and government regulations up the hoop,I'm surprised no one is getting back into it.
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