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Thread: Closed Threads Suggestions.

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    Default Closed Threads Suggestions.

    This weekend we had two threads closed one on Banning Dogs For Hunting with 125 replies and 3,357 views and a thread started by yours truly Gaming the System with 89 replies and 2,779 views.

    If the threads were so controversial and had to be closed down because they pitted one hunter against another,would it not then be better to delete the entire thread.Suggestion #1.

    If the reason boils down to hunter against hunter then perhaps a moderator or administrator can look at the number of anti Liberal threads now spread on the guns and ammunition section. Suggestion #2.

    These politically slanted threads are pitting one hunter against another and the said political threads are contrary to forum rules, I suggest they go to the Off Topic Section. Suggestion #3.

    I do find myself replying to these self serving and divisive political threads in order to indicate to the posters that opposite hunters views do exist.Comment.

    BTW The author of a closed thread cannot delete the thread even if they wish and therefore the offending thread stays up to be read by all.Thanks.
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    Thanks for your input! I can see where looking back at a locked thread with no way to delete what you have written, could be embarrassing for the poster. If a moderator decides the whole thread is a worthless bunch of childlike fighting, it usually is deleted. If there is good information somewhere in the thread, we usually just lock it at the point where it falls apart, usually at post 65 or higher.

    Will a moderator go through every post and delete just the bad ones? Not this moderator. I moderate most times only after receiving complaints. I never have and never will look at all posts in all forums here at OOD.
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