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Thread: OSPCA seeks to destroy 21 pit bulls

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    Some developments in the story :

    The owners of 21 alleged fighting dogs believe they have found a solution to save the animals from a potential death sentence.

    Ken Marley, who represents three people accused of running a dogfighting ring near Chatham, Ont., said his clients have agreed in principle to transfer ownership of the dogs to a rescue organization north of Toronto.

    “As an interim measure at least, my clients would prefer to see the dogs saved and adopted as opposed to being put down,” Marley said.
    Several lawyers representing three animal rights and rescue organizations attended court Thursday in Chatham, Ont., in an effort to intervene in an application by the Ontario Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals to destroy 21 dogs it seized from an alleged dogfighting ring last October.

    The court appearance was put over to March 18, and that is only to set another date to hear the society’s application. Elizabeth Quinto, who represents Bullies in Need, has already filed a motion to intervene with the court.

    The OSPCA seized 31 dogs on Oct. 15, 2015, and has already euthanized three of them for medical reasons. The society had members of the American SPCA evaluate the dogs behaviourally and they concluded that 21 of them, all deemed pit bulls, are a menace to society and cannot be rehabilitated.

    While the dogs are currently in the OSPCA's custody at an undisclosed location somewhere in Ontario, the animals remain the property of Marley's clients. But they've agreed to transfer ownership to Dog Tales, an opulent animal sanctuary in King City, Ont., owned by one of Canada's richest families.

    Because the dogs have been deemed pit bulls by the OSPCA, there is an added complication because pit bulls are banned in the province. Only a pound can take in pit bull-type dogs and Dog Tales is not a pound.
    Nunziata said the sanctuary is applying to the local municipality in an effort to get that designation.
    Brian Shiller, who represents the OSPCA, said it doesn't matter who owns the dogs.
    "When a dog is bred to fight, it's very dangerous to have them out there," Shiller said.
    "What if the OSPCA acquiesces and says they can all be rehabilitated and then one dog goes to a family and rips into a five-year-old? We can't take that risk."

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    Terry made a great point on the C-246 thread about the numerous dogs waiting for homes without benefit of high-profile activists pushing to save them simply because of their breed. And further to his point, just who are these Dog Tales folks?

    Well, they're people who have spent over a million bucks creating a doggie resort for rescue dogs. Well-meaning neurotics, in other words.
    "The language of dogs and birds teaches you your own language."
    -- Jim Harrison (1937 - 2016)

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