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Thread: Calling all Coyote experts

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    Default Calling all Coyote experts

    Last weekend my son and I camped out in my fathers woods. He had said he had been hearing a coyote howl in the daytime which we both thought was odd for this time of year.

    Well we just get set up and there is a howl straight south a couple hundred yards away. Then about 6pm one to the east a couple hundred yards away. Then at dusk 50 yards to the north. But the one that got us to leave was 30 yards or so south of us which we were able to get a visual with the flashlight, I yelled at it and it would not leave so we packed out.

    Our camp was still some what set up and breakfast is great outdoors so we went back in daylight with my .22 magnum for peace of mind. 1pm it howls and I answer it right away load the gun and make my way to the field edge.
    This coyote came in to my calls like it was a mid February calling set up.

    What do think was going on here, loss of mate?, den close by?, or maybe sick? I'm not new to the outdoors but this one has me stumped.

    Oh it was a medium sized male. If that helps, and no more howling since so no pack, that we know of. And the turkeys are back just in time.

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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    Den is close by. Don't over think this, you are quite safe.

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    Agreed, the den is close bye. Had that experience in pre dawn while turkey hunting, quite awesome

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    Agreed, den nearby.... Go back in a 6 weeks with a camera and take some pics, pups look cute...
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    Why didn't you shoot it?

    I'd say den as well. Pups may not be born yet but they are territorial and will come to any coyote vocal.

    Most of the time when a den is near by they will try to pull you away from it by trying to coax you away by slowly moving in opposite direction, hoping you will follow

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