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Thread: Pinks and Pi-nooks Garden River Ontario

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    Default Pinks and Pi-nooks Garden River Ontario

    Looking into setting up a two week trip starting second week in Sept. I understand the best fishing areas are on reserve. Anyone have experience fly fishing here this time of year? Only interested in reply's from Individuals who have actually made this trip early Sept.

    Thank you Brookie

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    I've never fished on a reserve up there (though I've read you can) but I have fished the St. Mary's in SSM and a host of rivers north of there for pinks in the fall. I think I got lucky the first year I did it as it seemed you could do no wrong. Last few trips have been tougher going, but we've still connected. From what I'm told, the pinks in SSM (running up from Huron) start around Labor Day...and go about 2-3 weeks. The runs up out of Superior tend to be a little later, but I'm no authority on that. We tend to just book 3-4 days in September when our schedules (my nephew and I) align...bring lots of beer, and hope for the best. lol

    I've never caught a "pin-ook" or even seen one (chinook/pink cross) but when the pinks are on the go, it can be pretty fast action. It's been our experience that the bigger pinks are the Huron ones we catch in the rapids, the ones running up from Superior tend to be smaller. Granted, we haven't hit the run just right on those for a while now.

    Mostly, we flyfish for them...but we always bring a spinning rod and spoons too. Some river mouths are large and deep~not well suited to a fly rod. The float rod came on the first trip, and that paid-off big time...but not on subsequent trips.

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    You may want to check with the Band office to see if you require permission to take fish on a reserve.

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    Hwy 17B runs right thru garden River FN. There is an easily accessible Boat launch just in past the Firehall where you can launch your boat for a small fee (Ben Belleau's Boat Launch, I believe). Another option is to launch your boat at the Pine St Marina on the St. Mary's River, close to downtown SSMarie. Garden River FN is just on the outskirts of the Soo. Expect a few other boats around when you have planned on coming; its a popular time of year. The good fishing is where the Garden River meets the St Mary's River. Have fun

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