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Thread: Montreal woman fatally attacked by dog in her backyard

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    What was I saying?

    You seem to have missed the point entirely.

    Oh, and for the record: I'm not the person making repeated personal attacks on this thread.
    "The language of dogs and birds teaches you your own language."
    -- Jim Harrison (1937 - 2016)

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    Crying having started it Welsh?
    You really should learn how to be accountable for your actions/words.
    Lets see taking tones and "silly season"
    Putting words in people mouths in order to make some non existent point.

    Your point was that the severity of attacks is directly related to the size of dogs.
    Compare Rotties to Cane Corsos or Great Danes or St Bernards....Now compare Huskies and Chows (small once you get past all the

    Ever hear of a word called temperament? Or the Cliche "Its not the size of dog in a fight"

    Now, going forward. Hopefully people will recognize that statistically Rotties and PBTs are a problem. But some breeds might surprise Chows and Huskys...Not exactly large breeds. Their temperaments and "owners"...
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    C'mon folks, nobody knows as much as JBen on any topic discussed here or anywhere for that matter. So we'll give him the last word on the subject and close the thread with this comment from pit bull owners, "I just don't understand why my dog attacked. She was always so gentle".

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