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Thread: Advanced Taxidermy Theft

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    I wonder if taxidermy mounts can be considered works of art and that is how estates can auction them off. Just a thought.

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    Below is the section of the Act that applies. Taxidermy is NOT considered artwork. Estates get away with it because they haven't been caught.


    31. (1) Subsections 48 (1) and 57 (1) of the Act and the requirement for an export permit do not apply with respect to,
    (a) hides, cast antlers, pelts or other parts of furbearing mammals that have been lawfully bought or sold and that have been tanned, plucked or treated, or manufactured into commercial products;
    (b) artwork or jewellery made from game wildlife the commercial value of which is primarily in the artwork or jewellery and not in the wildlife. O. Reg. 666/98, s. 31 (1).
    (2) For the purposes of clause (1) (b),
    “artwork” does not include a wildlife specimen that has been treated by a taxidermist, whether in whole or in part, or mounts of such specimens. O. Reg. 666/98, s. 31 (2).

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