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    Default 2016 Peru trip

    Here we go! Hope you enjoy this virtual trip to Peru!

    This trip almost didn't happened TWICE! But I was glad to make the sacrifices to make it happen in the end. Full story on the blog. I spent roughly one week around Cusco and one week in the Peruvian Amazon close to Iquitos. Most of the fishing was done in the Amazon, but I was happy to catch at least one Andean species and two saltwater species. This visit to Peru also allowed me to check off another continent which I have fished. Now I just need Africa and Antarctica :shock:!

    The full blog starts here on Day 1 (I'm sure you can navigate through the other days on my blog):


    Here are some selected photos. Lots more on my blog.




    Salkantay hike - Highest I've ever hiked so far (4600m)...while having a bout of food poisioning!

    Machu Picchu

    Peruvian Amazon

    Some interesting food

    Guinea pig


    Palm weevil larvae

    Breaded Arapaima


    And finally, roughtly 50 species from fish from Peru caught on this trip.

    Acrobrycon ipanquianus - Species #579

    Serrasalmus rhombeus - Species #580 (Red eye and thick black margin on the tail ID this as S. rhombeus)

    Pirapitinga (Piaractus brachypomus) - Species #581

    Red Piranha (Pygocentrus nattereri) - Species #582

    Bloch's Catfish (Pimelodus blochii) - Species #583

    Sorubim maniradii - Species #584 (black stripe seems diffuse to me)

    Cynodon gibbus - Species #585 (little cousin to the well known Payara. The Payara has much shorter anal fin)

    Ageneiosus ucayalensis - Species #586

    Triportheus angulatus - Species #587

    Tetragonopterus argenteus - Species #588

    Metynnis luna - Species #589 (Not sure on this ID...still trying to figure out)

    Triportheus albus - Species #590

    Flatwhiskered Catfish (Pinirampus pirinampu) - Sepcies #591

    Trahira (Hoplias malabaricus) - Species #592

    Spotted Pike-characin (Boulengerella maculata) - Species #593

    Brycon melanopterus - Species #594

    Mesonauta mirificus or Mesonauta festivus - Species #595 (It is difficult to tell if this was a M. mirificus or M. festivus)

    Crenicichla semicincta - Species #596 (Green diagonal bands on the body is the ID key)

    Leporinus moralesi - Species #597 (This species was determined base on range. L. moralesi is found in Peru)

    Blue Whale Catfish (Cetopsis coecutiens) - Species #598

    Pterodoras granulosus - Species #599

    Cichla monoculus - Species #600!!!

    Brycon cephalus - Species #601 (Still trying to determine if it really is B. cephalus)

    Tucan Fish (Chalceus erythrurus) - Species #602

    Spotfin Hatchetfish (Thoracocharax stellatus) - Species #603

    Rhamdia sp. - Species #604 (Still trying to determine which Rhamdia species it is. I may never know.)

    Hypselecara temporalis - Species #605

    Ageneiosus inermis - Species #606

    Spotted sorubim (Pseudoplatystoma corruscans) - Species #607

    Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii - Species #608

    Zamurito (Calophysus macropterus) - Species #609

    Laulao Catfish (Brachyplatystoma vaillantii) - Species #610

    Ctenobrycon hauxwellianus - Species #611

    Aequidens tetramerus - Species #612 (we think these are A. tetramerus...still checking)

    Brachychalcinus sp. - Species #613 (some thinks it is B. copei, but I'm not so sure)

    Bujurquina syspilus - Species #614

    Mylossoma aureum - Species #615

    Roeboides myersii - Species #616

    Pimelodella cristata - Species #617 (I'm certain it is a Pimelodella, and P. cristata seems the closest)

    Aimara (Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus) - Species #618

    Erythrinus erythrinus - Species #619

    Bandtail Tetra (Moenkhausia dichroura) - Species #620

    Glass tetra (Moenkhausia oligolepis) - Species #621

    Moenkhausia sp. - Species #622 (This is a different Moenkhausia with faint humeral spot with smaller scales)

    Astyanax sp. - Species #623 (In the publication Ornamental Fishes of Peru, this was listed as an Astyanax sp., but no one seems to know which species it is)

    Twospot Astyanax (Astyanax bimaculatus) - Species #624

    Moenkhausia colletti - Species #625 (Still trying to verify this)

    Pimelodella sp. - Species #626 (There are so many similar Pimelodella species, still not sure which one)

    Moenkhausia lepidura - Species #627

    Giant Blenny (Scartichthys gigas) - Species #628

    Chalapo Clinid (Labrisomus philippii) - Species #629

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    Fantastic trip and post. Congrats on all the species. I noticed that several of those fish had very ragged looking fins and tails. Is there a reason for this????? Again thanks for the great post.........................Daniel

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    Quote Originally Posted by boogaloo View Post
    Fantastic trip and post. Congrats on all the species. I noticed that several of those fish had very ragged looking fins and tails. Is there a reason for this????? Again thanks for the great post.........................Daniel
    Piranha are vicious. Many species, instead of attacking healthy fish, will nip at fins and scales instead. Most of the fish we caught had fins that were bitten off to various degrees. Piranha will nip at each others' fins as well even in the same school, but that's mostly more out of aggression rather than feeding behaviour...unless an individual within the school is too weak to defend itself...then it is a free for all.

    The smaller fish seems to get it bad. But the bigger catfish, in general, seems to avoid these piranha bites. The catfish are more frequently found in the current while the piranha seems to prefer areas with less current...which could be one reason why the catfish are not affected as well.

    For example...

    Missing entire lower tail lobe.

    Distinct bite by juvenile piranha on the lower tail lobe.

    Bite on the upper tail lobe.

    But this cichlid had it the worst out of all the fish I caught. Not sure how it survived with fin that damaged. It came from a piranha infested log jam.

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    beautiful scenery!

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    Excellent photography. Tks for sharing your trip.


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    Great pictures!! You must have a degree in icthyology, lol!

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    Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing. My Wife went to Peru a couple of years ago with work. She said your pics brought back some really good memories. The people in Peru were wonderful and the country was so beautiful.
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    Brilliant pics., must have been a fantastic experience.

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